Mage raises 6.3M seed funding for SaaS artificial intelligence (AI) tools

First published on October 19, 2021

Last updated at April 4, 2022


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Tommy Dang



We raised money. You might be thinking “so what, everyone else did as well”. I’ll try not to make this another fundraising announcement.


  1. So what?

  2. Why we exist

  3. What we do

  4. Who we’re building for

  5. How we’ll use the money

  6. If you’re reading this…

So what?

A lot of startups are raising money, so what’s different about us? We’re a group of product developers from all backgrounds who happen to have worked extensively with data and artificial intelligence (AI).

We’ve seen how powerful data and AI can be for a company’s growth, on the user’s experience, and on a developer’s career. That’s why we built an AI tool designed for front-end developers, backend developers, and native developers who are technical but haven’t worked extensively with AI in the past.

Why we exist

We believe in a world where every business, small and large, can create transformational products for their customers. Our mission is to equip developers with accessible AI technology so they can deliver magical experiences to their users.

We’re making AI accessible to front-end developers, backend developers, and native developers at small to medium sized companies. Mage will make AI technology so accessible, a mom-and-pop shop can harness its power.

What we do

Mage is the


for AI. Stripe made it easy for developers to integrate payments into their apps. Mage makes it easy for product developers to integrate AI into their apps.

Mage product preview

We’ve built a low-code tool that makes it easy for product developers to quickly build, train, and integrate AI into their apps, even if they’ve never worked with AI in the past. Ship a model in minutes, not months. How it works in 3 steps:

  1. Add data into your workspace then enhance it

  2. Build a model then improve it

  3. Deploy your model and integrate it

Who we’re building for

My co-founder and I built an internal low-code tool (Omni) at Airbnb and worked with hundreds of product developers across many different teams. We saw that product developers know what AI is, what it can do, and how it can be used to improve their users’ experience. However, product developers didn’t have access to the right tools or people to actually incorporate AI into the product.

AI tool loves product developers

AI tools today are typically built for data scientists by other data scientists. Product developers have a different set of requirements for AI tools. However, current solutions don’t meet their needs.

We saw that many other developers at small to medium sized companies had the same problem: an urgency to use AI but lack the resources and tools needed to do so. That’s why Mage was created.

How we’ll use the money

We didn’t just raise from anyone. We specifically chose each venture capital firm and angel investor intentionally. Our lead investor is

Gradient Ventures

, Google’s AI focused fund, because they understand the positive impact AI will have when made accessible to more product developers. We raised money from


because they value developer communities after having created a large and thriving community of developers from top schools and companies. We raised money from

Designer Fund

because they value design (how things work), one of our key differentiators.

We’ve also raised money from

Liquid 2 Ventures


Worklife VC


Basecamp Fund


Mana Ventures


Essence VC



, and angels such as

John Riccitiello


Lenny Rachitsky


James Beshara


Scott Belsky


Thomas Layton


Joebot Zadeh

, and many other awesome people.

Here’s what we’ll use the $6.3M funding for:

  1. Continue to heavily invest in design to create the most simple and intuitive user experience.

  2. Grow the team so that we can continue building features our users need.

  3. Take on more customers.

  4. Continue expanding internationally to serve a global community of developers.

If you’re reading this…

Thank you for supporting our mission. Perhaps you’re interested in joining the team, investing in Mage, trying out the product, or just hanging out. Join our online

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