Mage vs. Fivetran

First published on November 17, 2022


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Tommy Dang



Mage is an open-source data pipeline tool for transforming and integrating data. Find out how Mage compares to ELT alternatives like Fivetran. We’ll break down the features, pricing, pros, cons, and more.


  • About the products

  • Feature comparison

  • Next steps

⁠About the products



is an open-source data pipeline tool for integrating (EL) and transforming (T) data. Mage was started in 2020 by engineers who worked on data and dev tools (e.g.


) at Airbnb for 5+ years.



is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) company providing a managed ELT service. Their enterprise software is closed-source. Fivetran was founded in 2013.

Feature comparison


Mage focuses on data pipelines while Fivetran provides ELT services for data ingestion.

Number of sources

Mage currently offers 307 data source connectors while Fivetran provides around 160.

Number of destinations

Both Mage and Fivetran can add all the main destinations, while Mage also provides destinations from Singer taps and targets.


Mage uses the data engineering community standard for data integrations called the Singer Specification. All connectors are written in Python. Mage also provides tutorials, guides, examples, and training to create custom connectors.

With Fivetran, you can write code in Fivetran's Cloud Functions.

Database replication

You can replicate full table and incremental via CDC (change data capture) for both Mage and Fivetran.

Integration with modern data stack

With Mage, you can integrate with any Python library. Mage has a native integration with DBT:

  • Preview DBT results

  • Orchestrate DBT model runs

  • Schedule DBT models to depend on non-DBT tasks (e.g. ETL/ELT pipelines)

Fivetran integrates with DBT.

Support and developer documentation

Mage provides instant, real-time support via Slack (

) and via email (

). Mage also provides 1-on-1 tech support or group training services over zoom which can be easily scheduled through Slack or email. Last but not least, Mage's documentation (

) has received some recognition in the data engineering community.

Fivetran offers support through a form in which you can submit and impressive documentation. Unfortunately, there is no instant support, community, or training services available.

Support service-level agreements (SLA)

Both have SLAs available, while Mage is self-hosted.


Both are SOC 2 compliant, while Fivetran is also HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Vendor lock-in

Mage is open-source. The code and connectors you use and write are always yours and available to you if you switch tools. Mage's techincal design makes your code connectors modular and interoperable.

With Fivetran, you would pay month-to-month or be locked into an annual contract. They are also closed-source.


Mage is free as long as you are self-hosted (AWS, GCP, or Azure).

Fivetran offers usage based pricing. Costs are based on monthly active rows (e.g. rows inserted, updated or deleted by Fivetran connectors).

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