Legends of Mage: User success stories

First published on October 19, 2023


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Thomas Chung



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Meet Thomas

Thomas Genet

, BI Engineer Manager at


, a North American integrated marketing agency that builds brands in dimension, had a remarkable success story to share about how Mage transformed his team's ETL pipeline development process and empowered everyone, even those with limited software backgrounds, to create production-grade pipelines.

Thomas' team, consisting of 8 analysts/data scientists and 1 data engineer, initially struggled with building ETL pipelines using tools like Alteryx and Power Query, leading to frustrating results. Determined to improve their workflow, Thomas decided to "ban" Alteryx and PowerQuery for ETL-type pipelines. After a less-than-ideal experience with Airflow, which didn't align with his team's tech and programming skills, Thomas introduced Mage.

Mage proved to be a game-changer. Its user-friendly interface and live pipeline diagram were key features that the team quickly embraced. The dashboard capabilities in Mage were also a hit, allowing analysts to

prototype dashboards

while building ETL pipelines. The tool's integration of best practices, such as Git and unit testing, streamlined the development process, making Mage the perfect orchestrator for their needs.

What truly stood out for Thomas was how well Mage was thought out and executed. Using Mage felt intuitive, and it seamlessly addressed the pain points his team had experienced with other tools.

"Other than that, there’s a ton of other features that I loved, but overall what ‘sold’ me on Mage is that it feels like everything was though out, and using it just feels right."

Furthermore, Thomas is on the cusp of a significant endeavor. He is leading the establishment of data engineering practices from scratch within his division. The success of implementing Mage for one team has paved the way for its adoption across all other teams, each serving different clients. In the near future, Thomas envisions that dozens of analysts and data scientists within his division will be harnessing the power of Mage, ushering in a new era of efficient data engineering and analytics.

Thomas' vision and adoption of Mage have not only streamlined his team's data engineering processes but also have the potential to revolutionize data practices across his division, setting them on a path to success in the years to come.

Thank you Thomas for sharing your story!

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