4 ways small businesses can leverage artificial intelligence (AI)

First published on December 23, 2021

Last updated at April 22, 2022


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Jewel Hayes


AI technology is the new frontier, and small businesses need it to get ahead. Here are 4 ways small businesses can leverage AI.

Small businesses face multiple challenges: from overwhelming customer calls to having to compete in the job market with much bigger companies. And while the budget and human resources available may not be as big as those of corporations, there are ways to use technology and AI to reduce the gap. Here are some of the easiest and most effective methods to use AI to your business’ advantage.

1. Intelligent Marketing

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One of the easiest ways to implement AI with immediate results is through marketing. Email and social media campaign platforms now come with multiple integrated analytics, allowing even the least technologically-savvy employees to optimize their online strategy. And all that with just a couple of clicks! The longer AI Marketing is used, the better the information it provides. For example,

and provides custom marketing based on user preferences. As a result, small businesses can become extremely effective at targeting the right audience and increasing their ROI.

2. Streamlining Customer Service

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Companies with a small number of employees may struggle with a sudden increase in customers, but chatbots can help. Chatbots, for example, can answer the clients’ most common questions.

, through chat, email, and even voice. As a result, employees can offer person-to-person assistance and leave online communications mostly to chatbots. Moreover, as the company grows, so does the demand for quotations and appointments. AI can help these businesses by automatically scheduling meetings in the most efficient way possible. Employees only have to add their most convenient times and check their calendars regularly.

3. Recruiting AI Specialists

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Small businesses are no strangers to the demand for AI and cybersecurity experts. Luckily, universities are aware of the demand, providing the market with a growing pool of AI. and cybersecurity talent. But private efforts are not enough to ensure innovation in the field. Congress is currently on its way to approving a $250 billion tech bill, which Brendan Juba,

with expertise in AI, has been following for some time. The bill includes funding for different educational institutions around the country, including the 

. Such programs allow students to develop their skills by solving scenarios inspired by real issues, like testing the vulnerability of a system. Hiring these professionals ensures the security of one's AI program, and the overall security of the business database.

4. Enhanced Hiring Processes

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As AI technology advances, its business applications diversify. For instance, AI can be used to alleviate the heavy load of processing job offers, applications, and interviews. 

, we discussed, for example, how AI can assist in preparing job posts. It processes existing offers to suggest keywords and phrases that are more likely to capture the attention of the right candidate. It can also be implemented into video conferencing software, analyzing facial expressions and speech to identify the prospects that best fit the company profile.

The Future of Business

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AI provides an extraordinary advantage for small businesses. It can help improve relationships with customers and increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns. As its uses diversify and more processes become automated, it’s essential to recruit professionals with a deep understanding of AI and cybersecurity. Otherwise, any precious step forward would be in jeopardy. To learn more about what AI technology can do, check out the


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